My client closet...and why you should try it!

I was so excited to start a client closet when I decided to around a year ago. Why? Well to start, what girl doesn't like to shop and spend money but also to stand out differently from other photographers in the area. I wanted to give my clients a stress free experience by letting me do the hard work of putting outfits together and you showing up and recieving beautiful images. I have invested a lot of money into building the closet for my clients but also for how I want my images to look.

Styling a session can be overwhelming, stressful and expensive. Our local area doesn't have much for clothing options and lets face it when you order online you never know how it will look, fit, and never looks like it did on the model. My client closet has sizes ranging from 3month to 2XL (female) and 3month- 10 year old (male). The dresses come in earth tones and some jewel tones. Styles vary from silk and cotton to boho and classic.

Why dresses and not pants? Dresses are timeless and will look good forever. My style of dresses are very little patterned and mainly solid colored with texture so will not look trendy and will always be in style. They flow in our lovely North Dakota wind and will fit a variety of people. Pants are a little harder, rather than purchasing one clothing option I am now purchasing two (shirt and pants) to coordinate outfits and multiple sizes, therefore dresses are what I purchase. Is it wrong to wear pants to your session? NO! If you feel more comfortable in a pair of pants/jeans then wear them! The client closet is just there to give you an experience and help you when you don't know what to wear and how to coordinate outfits. There is so much to consider when planning your outfits, hair, makeup, jewelry, kids outfits, husbands outfits etc. make it stress free and use my closet!

When you book a family session with me you will recieve a style guide and a link to my personal Style and Select website to help guide you through the styling process and make it MUCH easier to plan outfits.

As mentioned above I have a decent amount of dresses that will fit a varitey of sizes and a lot that are concidered "size free" which means the same dress that fits a size XS can also fit a 8 month pregnant mama or a size XL! How cool is that!? These beautiful peices are expensive but are so worth it when it fits such a large range of people.

Are the clothes just for family sessions? No! My clothes are for every session. Family, children, seniors you name it.

Do clothes make THAT big of a difference? Yes absolutely! Clothing is what makes the photo. My closet it full of what is flattering on women and children. Combining different textures and colors in the same family rather than having to many patterns and off colors will make your photo look more put together and timeless for years to come.

Why do I only offer for women and children? Well, I eventually might add men into my closet but for now I am only offering women and children. And men are fairly easy. They are the last on our list to dress becuase if your husband is anything like mine he only has a few things in his closet that he wears and most likely it is a solid, neutral colored shirt. They are easier than women and children are.

Other than clothes do you offer anything else? I have some hats and belts, socks for little girls and hair bows. I do not have shoes so please keep that in mind. As much as I would like to carry EVERYTHING I just can't afford to a carry wardrobe in every single size for everyone. Don't be afraid to contact me with questions I am hear to help!!